take care of yourself and your business

"One session with Mal completely changed my outlook on how to get things done. This is the real deal"



Musician, London

"Diagnosed with depression since 1996. Three sessions with Mal and I am fine"



Restaurateur, Lincoln

01: EARN

Money is not a huge motivation for creators. And neither for any entrepreneur actually. Except when we get needy. The thrill is the journey but in freelance especially the feast & famine lifestyle can take its toll. Earning is about richness as well as riches, but let's earn too.

"He helped me when starting out and especially after my national fast-tracking, I realise how brilliant and spot on he is. Always my go-to guy"



Baker, Yorkshire

"Mal dissipated the fears I had of such a large project. I have now seen my ability"



Curator, Barcelona


 02: YEARN 

We want the best of life. Fulfilment. For us there is no life-work balance. Life is work. Our happiness is in sharing our projects with those we love and those who love us.


Business Start-Up & Development

"Perhaps you are full-time employed & looking for side projects? Already a busy creative business owner? Are you under-employed? Develop your working life & enjoy the journey. I work to free your flexibility so you can devise superb ways of using your creativity to earn & make profit - the sparkle on the leaves. As an award-winning business owner I know how to do this - and as a creator I know why"

Mal Williamson
Creator Coach

02: Yearn
Specialist Mental Health Therapy

"Creators often want to keep our deepest & darkest - but perhaps can we be more flexible & happier? Understanding our life's story through counselling does not always mean we can change our behaviour or feelings. So I use changework tools like Neuro-Linguistics, Provocative Therapy & Integral Eye Movement Therapy which quickly transform our responses to whatever life brings. Keep your creative juices sweet"

Mal Williamson
Creator Coach

03: Learn
Professional Development Training

"I have taught & trained all of my life - from youth work to community centres, from schools and colleges to University, from kids to professionals. I deliver a range of courses online, in universities & workshops. Business, creative strategy, media and well-being. I can also train you to use my ADDRESS the ROOM method - so you get the most from stress-free teaching. Which means you learn stuff too yeah?"

Mal Williamson
Creator Coach


Mal Williamson is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has created over £1m in sales from his unique 
innovative products.


Creator Coach takes referrals from GPs, social services, mental health services & of course lots of word-of-mouth from
happy clients.


Lecturer at four different Universities & set up the unique specialist Creator College. Mal also works with Home Educated youngsters.


Skills pay the bills. And we love stuff.
We love our game & the people in it.
We need to learn and train to keep up &
to discover the new. 
Creators do things & reflect.
Entrepreneurs reflect & speculate.

A Typical Changework Session?



Hello. What's the problem? You don't even need to tell me what if it's a feeling you want rid of. Sometimes I work "content-free" which is great for discretion and hard-to-talk about stuff. I will be listening and asking easy questions - kind of looking for which "tools" to use? Changework is like having some amazing toolbags, full of just the right techniques.


Can you follow my finger whilst it moves around in front of you? This "work" is IEMT, used all over the US in successful PTSD studies. Or maybe remember a time you felt brilliant? How about mentally spinning your feelings? Easy, fun and highly effective. And you might listen too. Or relax into a light trancy, dreamy visualisation of some sort? Very useful. Feel good.

Checking & Chilling

We will check for the wanted change and chat about what, if anything, is next. Some clients are one-offs because the power of these methods can be life-changing. You are free to go forward in life: free of the bad pictures in your head or the bad feelings coming up out of nowhere. This gets your head back on your side. Freedom and flexibility. Plus some tricks and tips you will love!

"27 years of counselling for OCD and then gone in two sessions with Mal. How has he done it? Say anything you want - I`ll sign it"



Youth Worker, Yorkshire                         

"The team are now totally energised and full of ideas. Two have already been to see me this morning with some great progress made & really looking forward to it"



Project Manager, Yorkshire



1-2-1 Executive Coaching
Online Courses
Staff Training
Train the Trainers

"In my garden studio, at your premises & of course online... the opportunity for training & transformation is here"
Mal Williamson - Creator Coach

“Over the three sessions I have changed how I talk and react with my boyfriend and daughter – they don’t wind me up now! I feel so good. Wonderful! 



Artist, Yorkshire

"He is too cheap... consultants, trainers, mentors charge £hundreds and Mal is awesome at what he does" 



Business Advisor, city council                         



for 60-90 mins 

  • online or studio
  • covid measures in place
  • great for single issues
  • one session is often enough


for 3 Sessions

  • including couples 
  • great for project supervision
  • resolves complex problems
  • consolidates the change 


12 monthly sessions 

  • ongoing personal care
  • ideal for education support
  • great for business start-up
  • professional development 

"You made everything work again. I had lost confidence somehow and it was so good to talk to you. Dunno what would have happened without that session"



Musician, New York                         

"A huge positive impact on my life. I sleep better, stay focussed and I'm so much calmer"



Mental Health Nurse                         

05: Buy

A range of ebooks, slideshows & video courses.
Freebies & Premiums & Freemiums.
I aim to keep all prices within easy reach.
And when you get an idea for what you want? Let me know.
Heart of Research

The easy way to get brilliant research from target groups or the general public. From this you get the key phrases and key words to use - plus those to avoid at all costs. Understand your offer in a new unconscious way. Heart of Research gets to the real story within your customers. Available as narrated slideshow and workshopemail me

The Alien Guide to Human Beings

Are you visiting  us soon? This easy guide tells you all you need to know to get what you want from us. And of course, get the most from us. Enjoy us. We are ace. And really, quite simple once you have The Alien Guide to Human Beings. Available once a designer gets on board to make this bookemail me

Address The Room

Ideal for beginners and the experienced alike. This system makes teaching & training a super-enjoyable doddle! Teachers - take the stress out of your working life. Creators - open up new income streams. Address the Room lets you teach anything, right now. Available as an online video course and workshop. email me

Shamanic Secret Seven

Creators have inherited the original shamanic function in society - to explain the wildness of the world. Access the strategies and approaches that make this work. No mumbo-jumbo or wiffy-waffiness. Harnesses the transforming relationships of the original artists - shamans. Available as a narrated slideshow or workshop. email me

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