Film as Art, Film as Research, Film as Therapy

Film as Art, Film as Research, Film as Therapy

This was a lovely event for me. Thanks to Esther at Hull & East Riding TimeBank for suggesting and encouraging.

It took a bit of work to prepare but was a very enlightening and unifying process for me - to bring together my coaching/therapy work, education/community backgrounds and the various approaches of my film-making, including my PhD.

Even as I write now the ideas start to split into details...and that is always distracting when it happens in a marketing situation like making a website. But here this made sense - "This is what I do, this is what I'm about, this is what I know about."

Now - can I take this back into marketing?

Like I have two websites and business offers - Creator Coach and Mal Williamson Films. Is that OK?

Are there clients for a combination like this? I don't think so...but hang on?

This Film as Art, Film as Research, Film as Therapy is certainly a unique proposition. Or is it three propositions? Oh dear, maybe I was being too hopeful for resolution. You can't base a business marketing campaign on a Zoom session. 


Really enjoyed it though :)