Shamanic Secret Seven

Secret Shaman Seven

The real purpose of creators to explain the wild!
No woo-woo here - this is prehistorical and socio-political.
Forget spells and voodoo - every group has a shaman.

No wiff-waff here - this is scientific and up-to-date.

This is for all creators and all entrepreneurs - because this is about communication. 


Every group has a modern shaman working nearby.

Each family, tribe, community, business, school - we all know our shamans.

To explain the wildness of the world - socially, politically, psychologically, healthily - the shaman chases away our demons!

Explaining and entertaining.

This presentation is to help you realise your role as a creator, as a shaman, the artist in the modern world.

Harness this model of humanity that has been constant for thousands and thousands of years.

Be the best you are, be the shaman. 

Christmas Offer - Ends Soon

Santa Claus is as wonderful a shaman as you are - so let's celebrate safely!

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